Students take part in Knife Crime Workshops

On Wednesday 20th March 2019, Central Academy students in Year’s 8, 9 and 10 took part in knife crime workshops delivered by special guest speaker and Anti-Violence Campaigner Alison Cope.

The workshops follows our recent letter home regarding knife crime issues and safety warnings in Birmingham. As a school dedicated to our collective pursuit of educational excellence, we encourage continuous improvement built on our mantra ‘High Expectations, High Challenge, and High Support’, strengthened by our commitment to our CORE values of Collaboration, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence. By hosting workshops with motivating and powerful speakers like Alison, we work to inspire our students to achieve excellence in their lives.

Alison Cope has delivered workshops covering knife crime, youth violence, positive choices, social media and overcoming childhood trauma to over 200,000 young people across the West Midlands in schools, prisons and community centres. Alison is the mother of Joshua Ribera who was murdered in 2013, and she’s worked tirelessly to share her son’s life and death to educate young people about the real consequences of youth violence. She has worked alongside West Midlands Police, Staffordshire Police, Hertfordshire Police and Crimestoppers.

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