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CORE Thursday Thoughts – 4th June 2020

In our support for the Black Lives Matters message, we pledge to challenge racism in all its forms and create young leaders of tomorrow to lead the change.  This is why we want to use this moment in time as a platform to establish a student leadership programme which will focus on ‘beating the odds’.


We are therefore providing an opportunity to five students from each of our schools to take part in the “Role Models Matter” leadership programme. This will allow students to meet inspirational leaders from different fields each week. These leaders will all have one thing in common: they will have succeeded as leaders despite the odds being stacked against them- they may have faced barriers because of their social class, their gender, their sexuality or their race.  They all ‘beat the odds’.


If you want to be one of those students, please write one side of A4 or create a short video titled “I WILL BEAT THE ODDS BECAUSE…” explaining why you would like to be a leader, what kind of leader you want to be and what barriers you feel you will need to overcome in your pursuit to become a successful leader.  You will be selected from your application and will then join the ‘Role Models Matter’ programme.


Below you will get an insight into the journey of one of our Headteachers, Mr Mann, who ‘beat the odds’.   He takes you through his life as a child all the way through to his life today as Headteacher of Arena Academy.  Both Mr Jones, Deputy Headteacher, and Mr Mann provide a passionate response to the Black Lives Matter debate and pay tribute to the memory of George Floyd.


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