Attendance At Central Academy

Students are encouraged to work hard and achieve high standards, with a strict adherence to accepted standards of attendance being an important feature of life at Central Academy. Each school is required to publish its figures for unauthorised absence often referred to as truancy. It is essential that the school is informed whenever a child is absent for any reason to ensure the safety of the child.

Your child’s attendance target for this year is 100%

A legal requirement

The law states that ‘If a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at school fails to attend regularly at the school, this parent is guilty of an offence’ (Section 444 of the Education Act 1996). Central Academy works in partnership with Birmingham Local Authority and will operate a ‘Fast-track’ (Statutory Action Campaign) to measure unauthorised absences over the past 12 calendar months.

Our expectations

For every day that your child(ren) is/are absent, it is your responsibility to contact the school by 08:30am. Where we have concerns regarding your child’s attendance we will request medical evidence to be handed to the Attendance Officer — handwritten notes are NOT acceptable. Medical evidence can be in the form of: – Appointment card stamped and dated  -Copy of prescription/label on the medication -Medical letters. Poor attendance will be investigated by the school and as a result the Attendance Officer will invite Parents/Carers in for a meeting. In addition, home visits will be conducted where appropriate.

Home Visits

Home visits are a crucial element of our safeguarding culture. The student welfare team will conduct a home visit if:

  • A student has been absent for 3 consecutive days.
  • A student is absent and there are ongoing safeguarding concerns.
  • Families request support from school.
  • We are in your area.


Students must be inside the school building for the first morning bell at 08:27am If for any reason, students have missed their registration, please make sure they inform the Attendance Officer who will register their attendance. This is to safeguard all students and ensure we know they are in school. Students are expected to be in their Form Room ready for their morning registration at 08:30am. After 08:30am, any student will be recorded as LATE and will be issued with a next day detention.

Medical Absences

Please avoid medical appointments during the school day where possible. When necessary, an appointment letter/card should be provided to the school prior to the appointment to confirm the absence is authorised. Parents/Carers are also required to inform the attendance officer or main school reception enabling the school to log it onto the system. Parents/Carers are requested to collect the student from the school if they are required to attend an appointment— students WILL NOT be released to anyone not on the contact list. Students are expected to attend school prior to and after their appointment.

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