A Pioneering Academy

Our Vision

Our Academy is inspired by CORE Education Trust’s emphasis on local solutions.

The Academy will therefore emphasise its strong association with the history and heritage of Birmingham whilst building on its already well established outward facing, aspirational ethos.


Our academy will be enriched and inspired by CORE Education Trust’s partnerships with national organisations.


Students at our academy will benefit from opportunities to nurture their individual interests, aspirations and talents and have access to a diverse, extended curriculum offer. Every child will be given a chance to shine and will be supported when they encounter difficulties or challenges.


Our academy will benefit from a direct association with high profile national partnerships but not at the expense of an authentic connection with its local community.

This will involve the promotion of strong extended learning opportunities for students and for an emphasis on family learning.


Exceptional educational outcomes, opportunities and experiences will be complemented by the highest quality progression routes.

Students will be aspirational and open-minded about their potential as successful global citizens, whilst remaining grounded and proud of where they are from.